If you have been reading any of my blogs, then you will know that I am studying, a degree in Engineering Management, at this time of the year, we are allocated a project, I have been allocated the paper less office. As I know very little about this title, so it will be interesting to find out, that this consists of, so far very little, and the general feeling is that, people are concerned about the green effects, and if a paper less office, could help, in any way, people would be certainly interesting, although the down side of this, is that there is no two offices alike , each office has it own e work flow and non e work flow, so it would be very difficult to design a paper less office, in a short period of time.

Some of the companies, that offer this service seem to be from the two sides of scale, a singing and all dancing system, which has to be design form scratch or has to been adapted form the existing systems, or they offer, what I would not call a paper less office, the best description would be, a glorified Microsoft office tool, which consists of nothing more than the average computer items, that every person has already.

So a possible area could be, instead of trying to design a system, which is quite difficult in its own right, which to be fair, you would have to be a professional programmer and certainly had the ability to design and write new systems, and as this is not my area of experience, would it be possible to design a stand alone item that, that is designed to reduce a percentage, of any office environment, no matter how big or small the office, or what type of office is.

I will keep you informed.