We all know in the future, this could happen, a fully automotive car, I don’t know when or even if I will be alive, I know one thing, if I was to pop into this car today, which had no steering wheel, I would feel, totally out of my depth, my hands would not know what to do, and at first, I would not be able to comprehend what is happening.

 Would we class this as uncontrollable social behavior or would this be natural instinct, with regards to what is happening with our mind, hand and legs actions.

The other thing that we have to accept, is that of change, to what we are normally used to, could we say this of the paperless office, you might think to yourself, that they may be a big difference between the two aspects.

 With starting to do some very early research into the paper less office, could this be a very big question, are we ready for it.

 So far I have only found, what I would class as a well know aspect of the paperless office, this is a book called The myth of the Paper Less Office (Harper and Sullen) and there is an interesting read form Galdwell, The social  life of Paper, New York Times.

 Harper and Sellen discuss the social side of the paperless office, to the extent of understanding how we actually read what is on the piece of paper, and how we react to this. As I am studying Engineering, this can place you into a position, where the possible social behavior or social acceptance of an idea or system, can place a surprising aspect to your early findings.

One of the answers could be to replace the steering back into the car, even though we do not have to use it.  !!!