Ten hours to go, the start of another gruelling shift ahead, get there 15 minutes before the 2/10 shift, place your over sized welly’s on, and make sure that you have two pair of socks, smooth cotton and the thick woollie type sock , just to keep your feet warm, wash your hands with the purple and blue soap, form the hand squeezer ,dry your hands with the new super fast hand dryer, and if you are lucky , you just might get the hand cream so your hand don’t split around the wigs of your finger nails, just a another start to the 2/10 shift.

Before you start ,make sure that the hair net is covering all of your hair, and if you could not be bothered to have shave the night before, wear the snoop, that funny looking thing, that fit’s around your chin and face, and after all that, you just might be ready for your 2/10 shift.

The factory is already of hustle and bustle form the shift before, all the different languages are talking, some polish, some English, some cheq, and a language, that you quite don’t under stand yet.

Walk pass the factory line, the machine have been working 24 hours flat, not faltering around and round they seems to be in continuous moving world that time seems to have no meaning, fit on your blue thin gloves with a twang, wear two pairs instead, just to make sure that the first pair does not split, and now you are all ready for your 2/10 shift

 The radio in the back ground playing the same songs, You heard yesterday, walking through the factory floor, and you finally get to your working area, and of course it has to be right next to the freezer section, with the big sliding doors open all the time, because of the constant traffic in and out of the large freezer, the boss tells you, what’s to be done, and your are off, keeping moving, looking down the conveyer belt, waiting for the first item, that has to be packed, its a slow start, waiting for the machine to be changed, but when it get going, there no stopping it, one hand at first, then two hands, just to make sure that you are keeping up, conversation is slow, with your work colleges, some like not to talk, some can not stop talking.

You look at the clock on the wall, two hour in, some days it seems like two minutes and some days it seems like to two days not two hours, the sound on the conveyer belt, is starting to make the same sounds now, the repeated sound, of smooth turning of the plastic belt, which slowly turns into a hypnotic sound, which can be smoothing to the ear, it’s the sound you love to hate.

Four hours have gone, in the back of your mind it must be break time soon, you have half an hour, to get changed, get to the canteen, eat, and get to the outside smoking area, as each day passes, you try to think of a better way, of how to save those precise, minutes, and before you know it, its gone, finished, back to the factory floor, for an other four hours.

A quick stretch and jump up and down, gets you warmed up again, and back to it, sometimes the mind can play tricks on you, the smoothing turning noise has gone, you can not hear the radio and you are in the automatic mode, just like the machine, your eyes are wide open, trying to stay focused and trying to be quick as possible, and snap , the turning noise has come back, the radio is back in the foreground, and you wonder where have I been, you look up and the other workers seems to be in the same place that you have just been in, sliming to them selves , and you think to yourself, what are they sliming about, an other look at the clock , just to hours to go, will there be over time to night, or will it be the normal 2/10 shift.

The hands are know starting to throb with the cold, and the constants dampness of the products you are packing, run them under the hot tap, keep them warm, last hour, starting to slow down, you snap yourself back into action again, the back pain you have had all day, does not seems to exist any more, but if you slow down and start to think about it, it comes back again.

You have just been informed, that there is the two hours over time , do you laugh or do you cry, you try to give yourself a small boost up, to make sure that you can make it through an other two hours, take a walk to the toilet, just a change of environment, will give your mind, that all important rest, and then a deep breath, and away you go again, not bothering to look at the clock on the wall, you think to your self, if I don’t look, the time will go quicker, and it does, not much conversation on the line, workers starting to get tied, buy you finally make it, the gruelling 2/10 shift is over, you slowly climb the stairs to get to the changing area, slowly taking your white coat off, as you walk up the stairs, you crab your basket, the type that you used to get , when you went to the swimming pool, all done , your changed, and ready to get home, will it be your loved one, that be waiting for you or will it be the microwave two minute meal.

You see the out side ,after the shift and its dark outside, 20 minute walk home, soon be home and ready for the next day and next shift, all for that 2/10shift.