If we look at both the sections in quite some details, over a period of approximately 34 years, where the paperless office has been mentioned, you could say to yourself that not a real lot has happened ,over that 34 years,, there has certainly been major ups and downs, over the years, but on a closer, examination, you will probably notice, that it is more to do with the increasing rate of the technology, has increased over the years, and not the paperless office idea, that has increased, or developed in time.

I have mentioned and I will mention, again, that the idea, was first mentioned back in 1975, and what I would call, more recognized, to the general public, I think I should change that description, to that it is more recognized, that the idea could be possible, as and when the software has be come more available, to the main stream, although, this has not developed into the system for a paperless office.

The book which was published in 2002 by Harper and  Sellen, form Surrey University, was a major stepping stone, in the right direction, not as a technology step or even a break through, it covered an area, which has not be covered, by anybody else, and to this day, the possible area, of social behavior towards, what has become, an everyday object, for every single person,, and if you thing about it, can you change, that over night, and the true full answer is no you can not, no matter how good the software is, or even the computer programmer company, who can design the best system in the word.

It looked at the view, of a piece of paper and not as an computer system, how we read the piece of paper and how we react to it, and how we socially behavior in everyday use, this is major step, in tying to understand how the paperless office, could be used, and how could the every day person, to a certain degree, not use a piece of paper, as I said if you are studying engineering, you have to look at every possible angle, to try to understand it, before you can even try to move or bring it forward into the next generation.

The technology of the paperless office, in real terms, has gone nowhere, to the degree of that, all it has done, is carried itself, with the technology race, as a whole, it has not taken a certain direction, weather this was to the right, left or even centre, it has just stayed with the rest of the systems, this could be of a few things, do we really need a paperless office, at the moment, are we forcing our selves, into a situation, that has happen , form external forces, what are the force, is it the green, environment factor, that we all have to seems to be concerned about, or is it, the situation , where  we have trapped ourselves into a corner, and we must try to design a system, just because we feel we need to do, our are we just trying to keep up with the Jones .

An other indices within the history, is that the technology aspect, the development, seems to be very precarious, to the degree, that it can not seem, to bottom it self out, and obtain a straight to steady line, if the technology, did find a true path, you would find that the rest of the technology would follow, this is not happing with this system, I have mentioned in an other section, that it looks like a very big washing machine, where people or companies, will invest into a system, which has one job only, and if you think about it, the paperless  office will never find a path to follow, and all the other companies, will not be able to follow, that path and break off, from it, and develop any further, or worst system that could, push the all the other system.

If you look at all the, if you want to call them inventions or milestones to where a technology break through had happen, you will need to have a look at the Product K cycles within the schumpters wave, the paperless office does have a new invention, to bring it forward to more acceptable level, but you will notice from the schumpter wave , all ideas and new concept have a starting point, and a path will follow, naturally, and then you could say, that the paperless office could be a think of the future, until then, I do believe, that we will keep going round and round. Until nothing happens, technology will not stop, it might slow down, if the general economy slows down as it has done just recently, but the paperless office will always keep trying to entry our system as a sociable and accepted way of life