Been away from the blog from some time now, with Christmas and my exams, although my final year engineering project of the Paperless office is coming on slowly but surly.

I have been reading one of the better quality books, Myths of the Paperless Office, ( Sellen and Harper ) concentrating on the section of how we read paper and all the other surrounding attributes regarding this section.

Depending on how and who you are to an extent, you may be wondering why, we are looking at this section, if you do think about how the paperless office has or will carry on into the future, we must see how and why and what people read, weather it more business or  pleasure, do we still use books or the net, and are we still printing out every thing we need read or are we starting to read and collecting information from the net, as you can image reading can be done in all sort of areas, static , moving, bits of paper to remain you of certain things etc.

One thing that has jump out, is that if you want to read form the net, and not wanting to print out the article, is that, if you, let’s say, you want to read an article or a report, the design of the page or screen, for any  standard website has certain not been designed for reading, when I say reading, we mean, to sit down and read an article or report, which will take you more than, 4 minutes, next time you want to read an report or an article, form a webpage, take a closer look at the surround features and advertising which covers the article or report, you could say, much to distractions, the eye will have to look at the surrounding non information to take the whole page into account. We are not saying this, to all the things you read on the net, e mails and short messages, are great as they are, but when you have to read , and I mean read, the web is not designed for this feature, which takes us into the question, why place it, on the web in the first place, these are just a few areas, that have been looked at, one of the answers my be a reading mode button, that just views the contents of what you want to read with no advertising or distractions, or we might say that the general public, just might not ready for a culture change to read form a screen and not a piece of paper.