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Has the Sunday Times finally broken the mould, a much loved Sunday News paper will be on the internet, where you can pay a subscription fee, to read this fantastic, traditional Sunday morning paper, in its all splendour supplements and magazines galore, where you flick through all the magazines and supplements, at your leisure, whistled munching on your toast and drinking your cup of tea.  

Will this take the Sunday morning ritual to a next level, have we lost that ever pressing me time, that we all love, at the weekend.

I am in the middle of, so far an eight month research report ,into the Concept of the Paperless office and an Investigation into secondary paper activities, this you may be surprised, has a great deal of how we read form the internet and the computer screen.

I have taken a independent survey, of what areas of the screen is designed for reading, this type of research is nothing new, you can buy a eye tracker, quite easily, this gives you an idea of what a person is looking at, whilst looking at the screen, my survey, wanted to calculate what area, has been designed for reading and what has not, the finding, indicates that approximately 40% of the screen, is not related to what you are reading., another finding, found what most people read in sub paragraph form, i.e. that people prefer to scan what is on the screen, instead of read the whole article, I am sure that the Sunday times have done there research, and I hope that the webpage design of the Sunday times breaks all the rule, in the layout and design and brings a new life to reading form the screen.

If they do, and I think they should, they have a brand name and respect, for what they do, could this be what we have been waiting for, I hope so, if it does fail, or should I say not as popular as they excepted, then some of the blame, must go to the designers of the computers, that except the public to be apart of the super highway infrastructure, using nothing part form a piece of string and a tin can.


summer time


summer time

I thought I heard a bird, singing in back yard , yesterday , must have been mistaken, but sating that, the clock move this weekend, is it back or is it forwards, never can remember.

Snow since December, is this how we will remember this winter, so far I have heard, that it’s going to be a good summer, plenty of sun, all I can say, is, I really hope so, light when we wake up in the morning, and still light when we finish work, change the duvet, to the lighter tog, and put away the thick jumpers and woolly socks,

Orange juice in the back yard with the smell of freshly cut grass! can’t wait, summer time is coming.

 Be happy

paperless office report

Coming close to finishing my Paperless Office Report, just short of 100 pages, 7 months later, covering everything to the history, destructive innovation within the wave cycle, a new alternative product and secondary paper activities complete with survey and facility studies carried out form various office environments.

The report should be completed within the next month! ish !!!!!!


Martin Smith