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Has the Sunday Times finally broken the mould, a much loved Sunday News paper will be on the internet, where you can pay a subscription fee, to read this fantastic, traditional Sunday morning paper, in its all splendour supplements and magazines galore, where you flick through all the magazines and supplements, at your leisure, whistled munching on your toast and drinking your cup of tea.  

Will this take the Sunday morning ritual to a next level, have we lost that ever pressing me time, that we all love, at the weekend.

I am in the middle of, so far an eight month research report ,into the Concept of the Paperless office and an Investigation into secondary paper activities, this you may be surprised, has a great deal of how we read form the internet and the computer screen.

I have taken a independent survey, of what areas of the screen is designed for reading, this type of research is nothing new, you can buy a eye tracker, quite easily, this gives you an idea of what a person is looking at, whilst looking at the screen, my survey, wanted to calculate what area, has been designed for reading and what has not, the finding, indicates that approximately 40% of the screen, is not related to what you are reading., another finding, found what most people read in sub paragraph form, i.e. that people prefer to scan what is on the screen, instead of read the whole article, I am sure that the Sunday times have done there research, and I hope that the webpage design of the Sunday times breaks all the rule, in the layout and design and brings a new life to reading form the screen.

If they do, and I think they should, they have a brand name and respect, for what they do, could this be what we have been waiting for, I hope so, if it does fail, or should I say not as popular as they excepted, then some of the blame, must go to the designers of the computers, that except the public to be apart of the super highway infrastructure, using nothing part form a piece of string and a tin can.

Fun Factory

Ten hours to go, the start of another gruelling shift ahead, get there 15 minutes before the 2/10 shift, place your over sized welly’s on, and make sure that you have two pair of socks, smooth cotton and the thick woollie type sock , just to keep your feet warm, wash your hands with the purple and blue soap, form the hand squeezer ,dry your hands with the new super fast hand dryer, and if you are lucky , you just might get the hand cream so your hand don’t split around the wigs of your finger nails, just a another start to the 2/10 shift.

Before you start ,make sure that the hair net is covering all of your hair, and if you could not be bothered to have shave the night before, wear the snoop, that funny looking thing, that fit’s around your chin and face, and after all that, you just might be ready for your 2/10 shift.

The factory is already of hustle and bustle form the shift before, all the different languages are talking, some polish, some English, some cheq, and a language, that you quite don’t under stand yet.

Walk pass the factory line, the machine have been working 24 hours flat, not faltering around and round they seems to be in continuous moving world that time seems to have no meaning, fit on your blue thin gloves with a twang, wear two pairs instead, just to make sure that the first pair does not split, and now you are all ready for your 2/10 shift

 The radio in the back ground playing the same songs, You heard yesterday, walking through the factory floor, and you finally get to your working area, and of course it has to be right next to the freezer section, with the big sliding doors open all the time, because of the constant traffic in and out of the large freezer, the boss tells you, what’s to be done, and your are off, keeping moving, looking down the conveyer belt, waiting for the first item, that has to be packed, its a slow start, waiting for the machine to be changed, but when it get going, there no stopping it, one hand at first, then two hands, just to make sure that you are keeping up, conversation is slow, with your work colleges, some like not to talk, some can not stop talking.

You look at the clock on the wall, two hour in, some days it seems like two minutes and some days it seems like to two days not two hours, the sound on the conveyer belt, is starting to make the same sounds now, the repeated sound, of smooth turning of the plastic belt, which slowly turns into a hypnotic sound, which can be smoothing to the ear, it’s the sound you love to hate.

Four hours have gone, in the back of your mind it must be break time soon, you have half an hour, to get changed, get to the canteen, eat, and get to the outside smoking area, as each day passes, you try to think of a better way, of how to save those precise, minutes, and before you know it, its gone, finished, back to the factory floor, for an other four hours.

A quick stretch and jump up and down, gets you warmed up again, and back to it, sometimes the mind can play tricks on you, the smoothing turning noise has gone, you can not hear the radio and you are in the automatic mode, just like the machine, your eyes are wide open, trying to stay focused and trying to be quick as possible, and snap , the turning noise has come back, the radio is back in the foreground, and you wonder where have I been, you look up and the other workers seems to be in the same place that you have just been in, sliming to them selves , and you think to yourself, what are they sliming about, an other look at the clock , just to hours to go, will there be over time to night, or will it be the normal 2/10 shift.

The hands are know starting to throb with the cold, and the constants dampness of the products you are packing, run them under the hot tap, keep them warm, last hour, starting to slow down, you snap yourself back into action again, the back pain you have had all day, does not seems to exist any more, but if you slow down and start to think about it, it comes back again.

You have just been informed, that there is the two hours over time , do you laugh or do you cry, you try to give yourself a small boost up, to make sure that you can make it through an other two hours, take a walk to the toilet, just a change of environment, will give your mind, that all important rest, and then a deep breath, and away you go again, not bothering to look at the clock on the wall, you think to your self, if I don’t look, the time will go quicker, and it does, not much conversation on the line, workers starting to get tied, buy you finally make it, the gruelling 2/10 shift is over, you slowly climb the stairs to get to the changing area, slowly taking your white coat off, as you walk up the stairs, you crab your basket, the type that you used to get , when you went to the swimming pool, all done , your changed, and ready to get home, will it be your loved one, that be waiting for you or will it be the microwave two minute meal.

You see the out side ,after the shift and its dark outside, 20 minute walk home, soon be home and ready for the next day and next shift, all for that 2/10shift.

Daily chores

Haven’t had much time to write, anything lately, working to hard, studying to hard and doing all those daily chores, that we must do, to keep ticking over I have started to write a few words, for a new blog, but still thinking how to write it.

A new Project title.

If you have been reading any of my blogs, then you will know that I am studying, a degree in Engineering Management, at this time of the year, we are allocated a project, I have been allocated the paper less office. As I know very little about this title, so it will be interesting to find out, that this consists of, so far very little, and the general feeling is that, people are concerned about the green effects, and if a paper less office, could help, in any way, people would be certainly interesting, although the down side of this, is that there is no two offices alike , each office has it own e work flow and non e work flow, so it would be very difficult to design a paper less office, in a short period of time.

Some of the companies, that offer this service seem to be from the two sides of scale, a singing and all dancing system, which has to be design form scratch or has to been adapted form the existing systems, or they offer, what I would not call a paper less office, the best description would be, a glorified Microsoft office tool, which consists of nothing more than the average computer items, that every person has already.

So a possible area could be, instead of trying to design a system, which is quite difficult in its own right, which to be fair, you would have to be a professional programmer and certainly had the ability to design and write new systems, and as this is not my area of experience, would it be possible to design a stand alone item that, that is designed to reduce a percentage, of any office environment, no matter how big or small the office, or what type of office is.

I will keep you informed.

It has Started..

If you have read my about, you will be aware that i am in my final year studying at Bardford University, Engineering Management.

As this is the last year, we have just been allocated with our final year project, i seem to have an interesting one, The Paperless Office.

It will be interesting to see, how it pans out, i don’t much about this system or who or how it is implemented in the office enironment.

I will keep you informed to see how it collates together.

Finally got it.

it’s taken some time, to get verify with google, i don’t know how i did it, but in the end i had to link from my other site ,under the links section,

anyway, it’s all done, and a big thank you,to all the posts, which helps the new bloggers. like me , with regards to submitting through a new page etc, which i assume that is the way most people, have done it.


The Last Samurai

If you had had the time to see the Movie last night ITV 1 10.30pm The last samurai, which told the story of the character of Captain Nathan Algren who was supposed to be an America solider who helped the Japanese to fight the rebel group of samurai warriors during the mid-1860s to 1870s, the film critics said, that it was on the same lines as Dancing with Wolves you could say that it was a bit like Brave Heart with a sword.

If we don’t take the film to seriously then I supposed it was watchable, but was there really a so called “western samurai”

Suppose form a movie making angle, it would have not been as good, if the main lead was played by a Frenchman, but was there really a Frenchman wilding a sword around and fighting the famous, samurai, probably not, but there was a gentleman called Jules Brunet

Jules Brunet was a member of the first French military mission to be sent to the empire of Japan and ordered to help modernize the armies of the shogunate.Brunet was born in Belfort, in Alase (today in the Franche Comte region of eastern France). He graduated from the Ecole Polytechinque  in 1857, where he specialized in Artillery

Jules Brunet first participated in the french intervension of Mexico (1862-1867) sent by Napolean III, where he received the Legion d’honner. He then arrived in Yokohama in the beginning of 1867, as a member of the first French Miltray Mission to Japan.

Daimyos of the North have offered me to be its soul






The military mission was able to train the army of Shogun Tokugawa Yoshinobuwa for a little more than one year, before the Tokugawa showgunate lost to the Imperial forces in 1868 in the Boshin war. The French military mission was then ordered to leave Japan by Imperial decree.

 However, Jules Brunet chose to remain. He resigned from the French army, and left for the North of Japan with the remains of the Shogunate’s armies in the hope of staging a counter-attack. In a letter to Napolean III, Jules Brunet explained the plan of the Alliance, as well as his role in it:

“A revolution is forcing the Military Mission to return to France. Alone I stay, alone I wish to continue, under new conditions, the results obtained by the Mission, together with the Party of the North, which is the party favorable to France in Japan. Soon a reaction will take place, and the Daimyos of the North has offered me to be its soul. I have accepted, because with the help of one thousand Japanese officers and non-commissioned officers, our students, I can direct the 50,000 men of the Confederation.” Jules Brunet, Letter to Napoleon III.

The line in the note to Napoleon “Daimyos of the North has offered me to be its soul” I suppose form the film this must relate to the healing and under standing of the way of the samurai!

Jules Brunet took a very active role during the Boshin War, between partisans of the Shogun, with whom Brunet sided, and partisans of the restoration of Emperor Meiji. Jules and Cazenave were present at the Battle of Tuba- Faushimi . They left Osaka and returned to Edo on 12 January, together with Enomoto Takeaki onboard the Fujisan. Enomoto was bringing with him various documents, objects, and a treasure of 180,000 ryos from Osaka Castle. They arrived in Edo on 14 January.

After the fall of Edo, he fled north with Enomoto Takeaki, and helped set up the Ezo Republic with the leader of the Japanese shogunate’s navy, Enomoto Takeaki, as the President. He also helped organize the defense of Hokkaidō in the Battle of Hakodate. Troops were structured under a hybrid Franco-Japanese leadership, with Otori Keisuke as Commander-in-chief, and Jules Brunet as second in command. Each of the four brigades were commanded by a French officer (Fortant, Marlin, Cazeneuve,Bouffier), with eight Japanese commanders as second in command of each half-brigade.

The Final Stand 





The final stand occurred in the northern island of Hokkaido, in the city of Hakodate, where in June 1869, the shogunate forces lost a final battle between 800 shogunate soldiers and an 8000-strong Imperial army.

In an interesting postscript to his involvement in the Boshin War, Brunet spoke highly of Shinsengumi vice-commander Hijikata Toshizo in his memoirs. Praising Hijikata’s ability as a leader, he said that if the man had been in Europe, he most certainly would have been a general.






Jules Brunet, with the rest of the French soldiers, was evacuated by the French corvette Coëtlogon, commanded by Dupetit- Thouars, and then transferred to the Dupleix in Yokohama on which he was transported to Saigon. From Saigon he sailed to France onboard a commercial cruiser. Benefitting from popular support for his actions in Japan, Jules Brunet did not receive judgement, in spite of the Japanese request. He was quickly rehabilitated by the time of the Franco Prussian War (1870-1871), but was taken prisoner by the Germans at the Seize of Metz. After the war, he played a key role as a member of the Versailles Army in the suppression of the Paris insurrection of La Commune in 1871.

In May 1881 and again in March 1885, Jules Brunet received medals from the Meiji Emperor, which were given to him at the Japanese Embassy in Paris. It seems his former ally Eomoto Takeaki, then Minister of the Imperial Japanese Navey, played a key role in this late recognition.

 Jules Brunet rose to the position of General and Chief of Staff of the French army (“Chef d’Etat Major”) under the Minister of War Chanoine (his former senior officer at the French Military mission in Japan) thirty years later in 1898.

Jules Brunet was partly the inspiration for the character of Nathan Algren in the movie The Last Samurai, so it was true!!!!!!!

Jules Brunet (2 January 1838 – 12 August 1911)

This was the Last Sanurai Jules Brunet

This was the Last Sanurai Jules Brunet