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Has the Sunday Times finally broken the mould, a much loved Sunday News paper will be on the internet, where you can pay a subscription fee, to read this fantastic, traditional Sunday morning paper, in its all splendour supplements and magazines galore, where you flick through all the magazines and supplements, at your leisure, whistled munching on your toast and drinking your cup of tea.  

Will this take the Sunday morning ritual to a next level, have we lost that ever pressing me time, that we all love, at the weekend.

I am in the middle of, so far an eight month research report ,into the Concept of the Paperless office and an Investigation into secondary paper activities, this you may be surprised, has a great deal of how we read form the internet and the computer screen.

I have taken a independent survey, of what areas of the screen is designed for reading, this type of research is nothing new, you can buy a eye tracker, quite easily, this gives you an idea of what a person is looking at, whilst looking at the screen, my survey, wanted to calculate what area, has been designed for reading and what has not, the finding, indicates that approximately 40% of the screen, is not related to what you are reading., another finding, found what most people read in sub paragraph form, i.e. that people prefer to scan what is on the screen, instead of read the whole article, I am sure that the Sunday times have done there research, and I hope that the webpage design of the Sunday times breaks all the rule, in the layout and design and brings a new life to reading form the screen.

If they do, and I think they should, they have a brand name and respect, for what they do, could this be what we have been waiting for, I hope so, if it does fail, or should I say not as popular as they excepted, then some of the blame, must go to the designers of the computers, that except the public to be apart of the super highway infrastructure, using nothing part form a piece of string and a tin can.


paperless office report

Coming close to finishing my Paperless Office Report, just short of 100 pages, 7 months later, covering everything to the history, destructive innovation within the wave cycle, a new alternative product and secondary paper activities complete with survey and facility studies carried out form various office environments.

The report should be completed within the next month! ish !!!!!!


Martin Smith

As you can appreciate, each subject that is connected to the paperless office, you could quite easily write a project on each area, as the project is about the paperless office , I’am trying to cover the main areas, and also some of the,  less areas but these areas. in my mind are connected , buy not directly connected, the section, regarding the reading from the screen and also web sites , to some people, this will not seem to be connected to the paperless office,

All the other aspect that the paperless office, should be covered, to the extent, what do you do in the office!!, how do spend you time in the work environment, people must read documents and information , to understand what there instructions are, and if you have to read a report and findings to any extent, to perform your duties, how can you except ,that the people will what to read the information on the screen , if research has shown that, generally people do not like reading form a screen  and the general layout of a standard web page design is not design for reading, only scan reading, this must bring to your attention, that they may be an area on concern, and the answer is not to print the information, obliviously this is defeating the object of the paperless office.

But so far form my finding, the issue has not been questioned, to the level of an answer that has been addressed to the general public and also been accepted by the general public.

As we have discussed that reading does play a big part in the role of a paperless office, an other role that does play, is an area of touch, or in a computer science, this may be in the area of haptics, as we all know haptics, is playing a part already, with the introduction touch screens, this is quite common, now, especially in the mobile phone industry, all the latest I phones are haptic, i.e.  Touch screen technology, can this play a part in the development of the paperless office.

One question, I have asked myself, is that, why has the development of the mobile phone, become more a social item and of course the development of the web or inter net, which has, become one of the biggest, social and media tools, the world has witnessed, but why has the development or the social process design of the computer stopped, when I say the computer, I mean the screen, hard drive compartment and the key board.

This design has not changed , for at least 15 years, the only area, what I what call , which was a social and revolutionary change, was the computer mouse, which came about approximately in 1984, form apple, but if you think about the general design, this has not changed at all, if we where to copy the accelerating rate of design technology as the mobile phone has, and we stayed at the same rate as the mobile phone, the hard drive would be a size of cigarette packed, if there would be a hard drive at all, the screen , would probably folding or beamed form a small box, that would be 3D , some thing like out of the star wars movies, the keyboard would probably only voice activated, or thought controlled, these might be a bit next generation , but I think you understand where I coming from, please don’t get me wrong, they are fit for purpose and do the job , we ask to do, but if we keep, accelerating at this rate with , the mobile phone and the net both as social accepted designs and service, what about the good old computer itself.

If we look at both the sections in quite some details, over a period of approximately 34 years, where the paperless office has been mentioned, you could say to yourself that not a real lot has happened ,over that 34 years,, there has certainly been major ups and downs, over the years, but on a closer, examination, you will probably notice, that it is more to do with the increasing rate of the technology, has increased over the years, and not the paperless office idea, that has increased, or developed in time.

I have mentioned and I will mention, again, that the idea, was first mentioned back in 1975, and what I would call, more recognized, to the general public, I think I should change that description, to that it is more recognized, that the idea could be possible, as and when the software has be come more available, to the main stream, although, this has not developed into the system for a paperless office.

The book which was published in 2002 by Harper and  Sellen, form Surrey University, was a major stepping stone, in the right direction, not as a technology step or even a break through, it covered an area, which has not be covered, by anybody else, and to this day, the possible area, of social behavior towards, what has become, an everyday object, for every single person,, and if you thing about it, can you change, that over night, and the true full answer is no you can not, no matter how good the software is, or even the computer programmer company, who can design the best system in the word.

It looked at the view, of a piece of paper and not as an computer system, how we read the piece of paper and how we react to it, and how we socially behavior in everyday use, this is major step, in tying to understand how the paperless office, could be used, and how could the every day person, to a certain degree, not use a piece of paper, as I said if you are studying engineering, you have to look at every possible angle, to try to understand it, before you can even try to move or bring it forward into the next generation.

The technology of the paperless office, in real terms, has gone nowhere, to the degree of that, all it has done, is carried itself, with the technology race, as a whole, it has not taken a certain direction, weather this was to the right, left or even centre, it has just stayed with the rest of the systems, this could be of a few things, do we really need a paperless office, at the moment, are we forcing our selves, into a situation, that has happen , form external forces, what are the force, is it the green, environment factor, that we all have to seems to be concerned about, or is it, the situation , where  we have trapped ourselves into a corner, and we must try to design a system, just because we feel we need to do, our are we just trying to keep up with the Jones .

An other indices within the history, is that the technology aspect, the development, seems to be very precarious, to the degree, that it can not seem, to bottom it self out, and obtain a straight to steady line, if the technology, did find a true path, you would find that the rest of the technology would follow, this is not happing with this system, I have mentioned in an other section, that it looks like a very big washing machine, where people or companies, will invest into a system, which has one job only, and if you think about it, the paperless  office will never find a path to follow, and all the other companies, will not be able to follow, that path and break off, from it, and develop any further, or worst system that could, push the all the other system.

If you look at all the, if you want to call them inventions or milestones to where a technology break through had happen, you will need to have a look at the Product K cycles within the schumpters wave, the paperless office does have a new invention, to bring it forward to more acceptable level, but you will notice from the schumpter wave , all ideas and new concept have a starting point, and a path will follow, naturally, and then you could say, that the paperless office could be a think of the future, until then, I do believe, that we will keep going round and round. Until nothing happens, technology will not stop, it might slow down, if the general economy slows down as it has done just recently, but the paperless office will always keep trying to entry our system as a sociable and accepted way of life

As I have just started my last year at Bradford University, I have to submit a major Project, so I will just start with a brief history in time in relation to what you could call noticeable dates, which have been recorded within the social media, although these are not specific events, technology break thoughts, or even miles stones event, just dates where the business and social community have released there concerns for intension for the Paperless systems.  (1975/ 2009)

It’s quite interesting to read that, the so called idea of the paper less office was introduced in the year of 1975, but it was not until May 1993, which is a large software corporation i.e. Microsoft started to introduce and looked at software developments for the issues of a paper less office. This is a gap of thirteen years. 

 There is also a gap of 9 years, (1993/2002) which indicates a possible link form how a new technology software development could have been introduced to the possible social effects it has on the society and how if any, could it be a reality, in the real world.  

From the year 2000 to 2003, there are various reports, indicating that paper as a product, is booming, and the business system and paper systems have increased ten fold, within its requirements and requested for demand. Reporting that the printing industry is booming, although, reading the various article and reports, this mainly due to the economic up turn as the country is in the middle of a boom.

As you can appreciate, if the boom has is taken off, at such a rate, the system will be trying to keep up, and the last thing the software developers, will want to be doing, is to design and  initiate a software programme, that is going against the grain, at a time of  economic boom. The economic boom, will be relating to the 1990’s, this will be towards the end of the conservative’s period, with the city, having such a good time.

So, could you say, that this may be one of the reasons why, there has been a gap for thirteen years, where quite true fully the system, to a certain degree, did not have the time or found that this was not a problem or concern regarding the idea of a paperless office.

I suppose, if you think about, why would any body spent the time and money. In trying to improve something, that according to the business system and large corporations, was not really required. The green issues at this time, where certainly in our minds, but in the scale of the whole green and environment concerns, this small area, was nothing to talk about, so to a certain degree, non body was interested, to pursuit the matter, to the next level, but what could be the next level, I suppose, to a normal person or business the next level, was to employ  a software company to design a system, that in real terms, could reduce all your paper requirements.

With all the reading, at this stage of the project, I certainly may feel, that this whole area has been, what you would call, placed into a washing machine, bit of the experience with large software company , a bit of experience form the web and internet, a bit of new and fancy  programme writing, and an open cheque, and we hoped for the best, to see if we could find a solutions that could answer all our problems, and I think you know what the answer is, a miss, mash of ideas that are not fully expectable, if we really want to take this system to the next level.

It is also interesting to view, that in all the social media, there is no mention, of a positive quote or acknowledgments of any green party or organisation, taking this matter, with the possible concerns, that it desires. Yes, there are environmental concerns and acknowledgments, but no real milestone, in its history, what this could be saying, is that , is the green aspect of this paperless system, sitting on the back burning, and is this just a second thought after the event.

An other dates in the history of the paperless office, is in 2008, where it is reported that one of the largest insurance companies in India, are going to introduce internet payments to all its customers, could this be the bit of the web and the internet , still in the washing machine. If this is all that has happen, from 1975 to the present date, with regards to the large acknowledgment form a major corporation, when I believe that we must be looking at this system form the wrong angle.



A new Project title.

If you have been reading any of my blogs, then you will know that I am studying, a degree in Engineering Management, at this time of the year, we are allocated a project, I have been allocated the paper less office. As I know very little about this title, so it will be interesting to find out, that this consists of, so far very little, and the general feeling is that, people are concerned about the green effects, and if a paper less office, could help, in any way, people would be certainly interesting, although the down side of this, is that there is no two offices alike , each office has it own e work flow and non e work flow, so it would be very difficult to design a paper less office, in a short period of time.

Some of the companies, that offer this service seem to be from the two sides of scale, a singing and all dancing system, which has to be design form scratch or has to been adapted form the existing systems, or they offer, what I would not call a paper less office, the best description would be, a glorified Microsoft office tool, which consists of nothing more than the average computer items, that every person has already.

So a possible area could be, instead of trying to design a system, which is quite difficult in its own right, which to be fair, you would have to be a professional programmer and certainly had the ability to design and write new systems, and as this is not my area of experience, would it be possible to design a stand alone item that, that is designed to reduce a percentage, of any office environment, no matter how big or small the office, or what type of office is.

I will keep you informed.