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Has the Sunday Times finally broken the mould, a much loved Sunday News paper will be on the internet, where you can pay a subscription fee, to read this fantastic, traditional Sunday morning paper, in its all splendour supplements and magazines galore, where you flick through all the magazines and supplements, at your leisure, whistled munching on your toast and drinking your cup of tea.  

Will this take the Sunday morning ritual to a next level, have we lost that ever pressing me time, that we all love, at the weekend.

I am in the middle of, so far an eight month research report ,into the Concept of the Paperless office and an Investigation into secondary paper activities, this you may be surprised, has a great deal of how we read form the internet and the computer screen.

I have taken a independent survey, of what areas of the screen is designed for reading, this type of research is nothing new, you can buy a eye tracker, quite easily, this gives you an idea of what a person is looking at, whilst looking at the screen, my survey, wanted to calculate what area, has been designed for reading and what has not, the finding, indicates that approximately 40% of the screen, is not related to what you are reading., another finding, found what most people read in sub paragraph form, i.e. that people prefer to scan what is on the screen, instead of read the whole article, I am sure that the Sunday times have done there research, and I hope that the webpage design of the Sunday times breaks all the rule, in the layout and design and brings a new life to reading form the screen.

If they do, and I think they should, they have a brand name and respect, for what they do, could this be what we have been waiting for, I hope so, if it does fail, or should I say not as popular as they excepted, then some of the blame, must go to the designers of the computers, that except the public to be apart of the super highway infrastructure, using nothing part form a piece of string and a tin can.


Daily chores

Haven’t had much time to write, anything lately, working to hard, studying to hard and doing all those daily chores, that we must do, to keep ticking over I have started to write a few words, for a new blog, but still thinking how to write it.

Green VS Green

We all know how important green issues are in today’s society and within the business sector, but do we appreciate that there is and probably will be a very strong competitiveness between the organisation and charities, which help to promote and influence these growing concerns.

I have had the pleasure in advising a small manufacturing company on how to implement a procedure with the concerns of Forestry management applications due to the timber requirements for each manufactory product with could use the implementations of the FSC  ( Forestry Stewart Council) procedures to there timber products.

These implementations to introduce these procedures where obviously, correct, not only for the environmental reasons, but also as I strong marketing tool, for future sales and customers requesting on some kind of  Forestry controlled timber management programme to ensure that the forests where controlled to the degree of non deforester.

Within the timber industry there are probably two main organisations FSC Forestry Stewardship Council and the PEFC Council (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes, both are independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization.

At first, you would probably think to yourself that, both organization would basically do the same job, and to a degree, they do, but surprising, they will not recognize, each others procedures, The FSC do not recognize the PEFC procedures, and visa versa, a bit like having a light bulb with does not fit into a light bulb socket.

Some people might say that, there is nothing wrong with this, and it generates good competition within this market, but you must remember that these are non-profit, non-governmental organization.

It is said that the FSC is more like the Rolls Royce and PEFC is a bit like the Ford Fiesta this is due to that the guideline procedures for the FSC are more stringent than the PEFC, probably with regards to the timber controlled management system and FSC trademark Advertising right etc. But you must remember that if you implement the FSC Procedure you will not be aloud with to work against the PFEC Procedure, so therefore you would have to implement both procedures next to each other, I think the main reason for this is that, and I am sure they will not mind me saying this, that PEFC is more popularly with regards to its implementation practicability and for its general usage.

Talking to some companies, they showed that they would be a concern that FSC procedures a loan, where not practical enough this would be due to the sometime volatile  exporting and importing of timber form the there appropriate countries , this would also cover the potential forward planning  requirements to meet excepted manufacturing and delivery dates. Especially for the small business, who can have a general problem, within its own entity, never mind having a concern regarding that extra green concern?

Please don’t get me wrong, both these organizations offer a fantastic service, or facility with they own areas of expertise, and the overall procedure implementations are both to the level that they deserve with each other.

We must also remember that it is not just Forestry timbers that are at concern here but there are the other items like paper, packaging, and all forestry relayed products, will probably have to come through the one of the following organizations, unless of course you decide to ignore timbers that come form sustainable management Forrest.